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This FAQ answers some of the most common questions relating to LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3. You can also check out the Help menu and User Guide in the EV3 Lab software for more information.


I’ve read about EV3 Lab and EV3 Programming, but what’s the difference?

Please click here for a summary of the differences between EV3 Lab and EV3 Programming.


In what languages is LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Lab available?

EV3 Lab is currently available in US English, British English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Russian and Arabic.


How do I update EV3 Lab?

To have EV3 Lab periodically check for updates, open the Help menu and click Check for Software Updates (an Internet connection is required). EV3 Lab will notify you when an update becomes available. When you accept the update, you will be taken to a website where you can download the update file. Once downloaded, you can install the update.


What programming platforms can you use with LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3?

Apple Swift Playground - A combination of physical and digital creation within the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 solution, which develops coding skills for the classroom through the LEGO Education playful learning system. We have written two books, EV3 Animal Rescue and EV3 Template, specifically for Swift Playground.

LabVIEW - Systems engineering software for applications that require test, measurement, and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights.

Open Roberta Lab® - Created by Fraunhofer IAIS in Germany in cooperation with Google, the Open Roberta Lab and integrated visual programming language, NEPO®, makes programming easier and minimizes the hurdles for teachers and schools to teach how to code using robots like LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3.

CoderZ - With the CoderZ online 3D simulation environment, schools can introduce or extend their EV3 classes and deliver effective learning activities. CoderZ integrated content is focused on EV3 platform programming using Java code or a visual/Blockly/code-based editor.

ROBOTC - A cross-robotics platform programming language for educational robotics systems. 

Please note: LEGO Education does not provide any support for or guarantee the quality of third-party software.


How can I program my EV3 Intelligent Brick?

You can program your EV3 Brick using any of the following methods: 
  • On-brick programming
  • LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Programming


Can I use the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Home Edition in my classroom? 

In theory it is possible, though in reality it is difficult since the two products differ significantly. The Home Edition software does not include all of the Programming Blocks needed to fully control the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 hardware. The Home Edition software also includes no Datalogging module or Content Editor Teacher Mode. Neither is it possible to utilize the Robot Educator Learning Tool together with the Home Edition hardware, as the set does not include all of the elements needed to build the Robot Educator model.


Can I create my own Programming Blocks for LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Lab?

Yes. For most users, the tool is called My Blocks Builder and is available in the Tools menu within EV3 Lab. 


Is LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 backward-compatible with NXT Hardware?

Yes. Using EV3 Lab you can program your NXT Intelligent Brick, sensors and motors. However, not all software features are supported by the NXT Brick. Please note that you cannot program your EV3 Brick using the NXT software.


Is EV3 Programming compatible with the NXT Brick and Hardware?

The EV3 Programming app cannot communicate with the NXT Brick. However, NXT sensors and motors connected to an EV3 Brick can be programmed in the same way as the equivalent EV3 sensors and motors using the app.


Where can I find the NXT software?

Windows: NXT 2.0 Software

Mac: NXT 2.0 Software


How do I update my EV3 Brick firmware?

Please click here for instructions on updating the firmware on your EV3 Brick.


How do I program the sensors in EV3 Programming?

To program sensors connected to your EV3 Brick using EV3 Programming, select the relevant Programming Blocks from the orange Flow Category in the Programming Palette. 


Can I use the projects I create with EV3 Programming in EV3 Lab?

Yes. Even though the file formats are different, you can export your EV3 Programming projects to EV3 Lab and continue to work on them there. Please note that you cannot open projects created with EV3 Lab in EV3 Programming.


Can I use the official EV3 curriculum material with EV3 Programming?

Some EV3 curriculum packs can be used with EV3 Programming. Please click here for further details. (link to product page)


Which hardware and software can I use with the NXT and EV3 Bricks? 

Please refer to the chart below to see which hardware is compatible with your Intelligent Brick:


EV3 Brick

NXT Brick

EV3 Motors



EV3 Sensors



EV3 Lab



NXT Motors



NXT Sensors



NXT Software



Are EV3 Brick and NXT Brick batteries interchangeable?

No, but you can charge your EV3 Brick using an NXT DC charger. Note that there are two different chargers for NXT, so please ensure that your charger has this icon:

What type of batteries can I use?

We recommend using AA alkaline batteries or a LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 rechargeable lithium battery with your EV3 Brick. If a charger is included with your set, it will be supplied in a separate box If you would like to purchase a charger, please contact your local LEGO Education distributor.


What do I do if I can’t pair my device with my EV3 Brick?

Please click here for help troubleshooting your Bluetooth connection.


Why can’t I find my curriculum packs in EV3 Lab?

Curriculum packs are downloaded directly into EV3 Lab. If you don’t see them in the lobby, please double-check that you have downloaded the correct language version (if you have the ENUS version of EV3 Lab you also need to install the ENUS curriculum pack).


How do I reset my EV3 Brick and when is it necessary?

If your EV3 Brick suddenly stops working and you are unable to shut it down using the normal process, you will need to reset it. Resetting the EV3 Brick does not delete files and projects from previous sessions, though any files and projects you were using when your EV3 Brick stopped working will be lost.

To reset your EV3 Brick:

  • Make sure that the EV3 Brick is turned on.
  • Hold down the Back, Center, and Left buttons on the EV3 Brick.
  • When the EV3 Brick display goes blank, release the Back button.
  • When the display shows “Starting”, release the Center and Left buttons.

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