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LEGO® Education

BricQ Motion Essential


Unboxing and preparing the LEGO® Education BricQ Motion for classroom use. More videos like this can be found on our Professional Development platform.

Open the box and follow these instructions:

Apply the stickers to the correct corners of each sorting tray.


Apply the big sticker to the inside of the blue box.


Apply the blank sticker to the outside of the box.


Label each set with a unique name or number.


Open the bags and sort the bricks into the trays. Bags without numbers go in the bottom of the blue box.

Overview of LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime including the bricks and lesson content.

Store the boxes of replacement elements until they're needed.


Classroom Management

Students learning hands-on with LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime.

LEGO® Education strongly believes that students learn best through play—by actively doing, exploring, and experimenting. This approach empowers them to become creative and engaged life-long learners, which is essential for success in their future careers and lives.

Choose Your First Lessons

The lessons are grouped into two sports-themed units by grade band (lower elementary and upper elementary). They progress in difficulty, culminating in a final project. We recommend starting each unit with lesson 1:
"Dog Obstacle Course” - Train to Win
“Track and Field” - Winning with Science