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LEGO Academy Training

LEGO® Education Academy

Professional Training and Development

LEGO® Education offers two types of professional development courses. These courses are tailor-made to meet the needs of all educators and to be relevant for their curriculum objectives.

Explore how you can get the most from your LEGO Education solutions:

The LEGO Education Learning Theory

When you enroll for the LEGO Education Academy, you will be introduced to the LEGO Education’s 5F Methodology approach to teaching, which includes: Facilitation, flow, facts, fun, and the four Cs. This method is the foundation for creating successful and engaging learning environments using LEGO Education resources.

Face-to-face Training

Face-to-Face Training

These training courses deliver a high-quality learning experience facilitated by certified LEGO Education trainers. These training courses enable you to achieve the best LEGO Education experience in the classroom. Continue exploring the benefits of face-to-face training or choose your training below.

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Benefits of Face-to-Face Training

  • Knowledge sharing: Share your own classroom experiences and gather knowledge from those who are experienced in using hands-on learning.
  • Hands-on approach: Experience LEGO Education resources through hands-on workshops. Practice facilitation, learn how to maximize each lesson and explore creative classroom techniques.
  • Testing and certification: Built-in tests enable you to measure your progress. In return we provide you with certification to show you have acquired the knowledge.
  • Personal help from a certified trainer: Talk directly with the trainer to ask questions that are relevant to you.
  • Focus: Focus on the content and learn in depth with uninterrupted time for training.
  • Customized training: Our face-to-face training programs are matched to the needs and requirements of your school. This is based on a detailed dialogue between the school and the LEGO Education trainer prior to the training.
  • Adaptability: Trainers will adapt the content and pace of the training to the specific needs of the participants in the classroom by observing how each individual responds to the course.
LEGO Education E-Learning


With a strong focus on flexibility, our new eLearning solutions offer web-based training designed to help you enhance the experience and effectiveness of using LEGO® Education in your classrooms and is now freely available. Explore available eLearning in our Downloads section.


Benefits of eLearning

  • Real-time access: Web-based training provides access to courses wherever and whenever you like.
  • Self-paced instruction: Move through content at your own pace; stop and restart as you like. 
  • Modular structure: Customize your training experience by selecting the module or modules that meet your needs. No need to follow a predetermined path. 
  • Ongoing access to resources: Access training as often as you like to refresh yourself or to train new educators to your program. 
  • Downloadable resources: Our eLearning programs offer extensive teacher resources such as sample programs and building instructions that can be downloaded and stored on your computer. 
  • Testing and certification: Tests are built into every eLearning solution, enabling participants to test what they’ve learned, with certification to show they have acquired the knowledge.

Training opportunities are also available outside of the US

LEGO Education solutions and resources are available through selected partners in over 90 countries. To find out more, make a purchase or for local customer support, please find your local distributor.

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