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Professional Development and Training

At LEGO® Education, we want every teacher to succeed in using our solutions in the classroom. To ensure this, we provide Face-to-Face training, global consumer service and free online resources for support and inspiration.

Face-to-Face training is delivered by LEGO Education Academy certified teacher trainers. The trainers provide the tools and resources teachers need to successfully integrate our classroom solutions into existing STEM curriculum and daily lesson planning.

LEGO Education courses provide teachers the opportunity to experience lessons from a student’s perspective, master classroom management, and explore best practices in classroom implementation. Courses support ongoing teacher training and development needs. We insure high-quality training experiences through continuous monitoring of teacher training.

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Benefits of LEGO® Education Academy training

Hands-on approach: 
Experience LEGO® Education resources through hands-on sessions. Experience facilitation and how to maximize each lesson and explore creative classroom techniques. 

Knowledge sharing: 
Share classroom experiences and gather knowledge of hands-on learning.

Curriculum relevance: 
Applying curriculum relevance by developing your own lesson plans.

Personal help from a certified trainer: 
Face-to-face training provides instant feedback and personal relevance.

Opportunity to focus: 
Dedicated day for training with time to focus on professional development and learning

By completing the course, a certificate of participation will be issued for documentation of professional development.

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