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SPIKE™ Essential

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About Lesson Planning

Every LEGO® Education set comes with learning units and lesson plans. The lesson plans are key for you as a teacher. They include preparations, a teacher support section, step-by-step facilitation instructions based on the 5E instructional model, a tips section, differentiation opportunities and ideas for extending the lesson into other subjects. Review them all at

Choose Your First Lessons

SPIKE Essential lessons are organized in themed units that emphasize different aspects of STEAM. Some units are aimed at lower primary students, with others aimed at upper primary students. Lessons progress in difficulty within a unit and build toward a culminating project. A good place to start is usually with lesson 1. Navigate to the first lesson in each unit below.

Lower Primary Lessons

  • Boat Trip – Great Adventures
  • The Fast Lane – Amazing Amusement Park

Upper Primary Lessons

  • River Ferry – Happy Traveler
  • Mini Mini-Golf – Crazy Carnival Games
  • Good Morning Machine – Quirky Creations


Lesson Planning

View units from the LEGO Education SPIKE App.

Lesson Planning

Browse lessons by key subjects and themes.

Lesson Planning

Discover many ways to extend SPIKE Essential.

Lesson Planning

Learn best classroom practices.