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LEGO® Education

SPIKE™ Essential

LEGO® Education

Students learning hands-on with LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime.

LEGO® Education strongly believes that students learn best through play—by actively doing, exploring, and experimenting. This approach empowers them to become creative and engaged life-long learners, which is essential for success in their future careers and lives.

Learning-through-Play Studies


Potential of learning through play at school.


It’s time to rethink learning.


Five ways play can improve learning outcomes.

STEAM & 21st Century Learning in the Classroom

Students need rich and meaningful learning experiences to develop and master STEAM and 21st century skills. LEGO® Education learning experiences provide these through integrated pedagogies that emphasize student agency, such as problem-based, project-based, and active learning.

Pedagogy in Action

Watch these students work with LEGO Education SPIKE™ Essential while Kyle gives them feedback.


Check out the course “Encouraging Play and Productive Experimentation” for more classroom examples of our pedagogy.

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