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Physical Activities

Recognize and understand different types of physical activities.

0-30 min
Peuterspeelzaal-Groep 1


Tell the children they are going to talk about physical activities and build a model of one. Explain that physical activities are activities that require people to use their bodies. Give examples, such as, cycling, swimming, playing basketball, running, sailing, mountain climbing, and racecar driving.

Play the guess the activity game. Ask a child to think of a physical activity and act it out without using any words. Tell the other children to guess what the activity is. Continue playing until everyone has had a turn acting out an activity.

Explain that exercising, or performing physical activities, strengthens your muscles and your heart. Exercising also makes people feel happier. Doctors recommend daily exercise for everyone who is healthy enough to do it.

Explain that physical activities can be done alone or with others.

Show the photographs of the LEGO® DUPLO® models for Activity 9.


Consider asking questions like:

  • What is happening in these pictures?
  • What kinds of physical activities do you do?
  • Why is it good to do physical activities?
  • Have you ever been on a team? If so, what was it like? What were some of the good things about being on a team?


  • Divide the children into pairs
  • Tell each pair of children to build a physical activity they like to do or one they would like to try. They may use the photograph(s) for inspiration.


Ask each pair of children to present their activity to the group and talk about why they like this activity. After the presentations, talk about other activities the children have tried, would like to try, or ones they do not like doing. Consider asking questions like:

  • Why is this a good activity?
  • Is it a team activity or an individual one?
  • Why do you like (or dislike) the activity?


Talk about rules for participating in a team activity. Give examples, (e.g., players cannot grab each other’s uniforms, goals are worth a certain number of points, and players have to stay within boundaries on the court or field.)

Divide the children into pairs and ask them to role-play a team activity with LEGO DUPLO figures. Encourage them to follow rules they already know. They could also make up their own rules.

Ondersteuning voor de leraar

Children will :
Begin to understand when and why people do physical activities.
For up to 8 children.

Children are able to name different types of physical activities and tell why they are good for us.

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