WeDo 2.0 Core Set


Explore how robots can be used to inspect narrow spaces.

120+ min.
Grades 3-5

1. Preparation

15-30 Minutes

  • Select a specific theme to talk about with your students. For example, you could focus specifically on robots that inspect water pipes.
  • Decide how you would like to introduce this project. Find some videos to watch or information to read with your students.
  • Define the elements of the maze that the robots will go through (i.e., define holes, walls, obstacles to avoid or to collect, etc.).
  • Determine the end result of this project. For example, define the parameters of your students’ presentations and the specific elements that they should include in their documents.

2. Explore Phase

30-60 Minutes

Introduce your students to the subject and make sure they understand the problem they have to solve.

3. Create and Test Phase

90-120 Minutes

Build and program
Have your students build and program a robot that can move in a maze. If they cannot create a robot that can turn, guide them to the Design Library for inspiration or allow them to execute some of the movements with their hands.

Design Library inspiration:

Let your students plan, try and modify their solutions until they get to a point where they are happy with what they have done. In order to challenge some of the more advanced teams, introduce more obstacles or modify the maze to make it harder to navigate.

4. Share Phase

45+ Minutes

Make sure that your students document their work.

Use different ways in order to let your students share what they have learned and their reflections on these experiences.

Have your students create their final reports and present their projects.

Teacher Support

Students will:
Explore how robots can be used to inspect narrow spaces
Create and program a robot to move on a surface and avoid obstacles
Test your program to make sure that it can detect walls, holes, a cave and objects
Share your program and ideas