WeDo 2.0 Core Set

Cleaning the Ocean

Design a LEGO prototype of a device that could help remove plastic waste from the ocean.

120+ min.
Year 1 to 5

1. Explore phase

(30-60 minutes)

Millions of tons of plastic have entered the oceans in recent decades. It is
important that the oceans are cleared of plastic bags, bottles, containers, and other debris that are endangering sea animals and fish and their habitats.

Let students explore collection technology and vehicles currently used and being proposed to clean the oceans of plastic waste.

2. Create phase

(45-60 Minutes)

Students design and build a plastic waste collection vehicle or device. Although a prototype, the model should ideally be able to physically collect plastics of a certain type.

Let students explore the Design Library so they can choose a model for inspiration. Then allow them to experiment and create their own solutions, modifying any basic model as they see fit.

Suggested Design Library models are:
• Reel
• Sweep
• Grab


3. Share phase

(45+ minutes)

Students should present their models, explaining how they have designed
the prototype to collect plastics of a certain type. They could use research and portfolio documentation to support their explorations and ideas.

Ensure that students explain why cleaning the ocean is important, and how their prototype provides an ideal solution to the problem.

Teacher Support

Students will:
Explore why it is important to take care of the oceans and keep them clean of plastic debris.
Create and program a device that can help physically collect plastics of certain types and sizes from the ocean.
Present and document your device, and explain what your solution has been designed to collect and how it does that.

Pupil Material

Student Worksheet

Download, view or share as an online HTML page or a printable PDF.