Learning Experiences during COVID-19

As teachers around the world address the disruption to pupils’ learning, it’s never been more important to provide engaging and meaningful learning experiences that help build resilience.

LEGO® Education solutions have been designed specifically for the purpose of increasing pupil engagement and developing confidence in all learners.

Here teachers will find guidance and resources that will inspire and excite them about continuing \nhands-on playful learning.


What is Hybrid Learning?

At LEGO Education, hybrid learning refers to the variety of methods teachers are using to deliver their curriculum across a number of settings.

Hybrid learning includes a combination of blended, flipped, distance/virtual/online approaches, coupled with shifts/rotation schedules in school buildings.

Hybrid learning with LEGO Education is about offering teachers flexibility. Whether teaching in a blend of settings throughout the week or with pupils at home, we offer solutions and support."

Lesson Plans

A lesson for every need

Our hands-on, comprehensive lesson plans come in a range of lengths and challenge levels. The curriculum-aligned lessons provide a variety of learning experiences that relate directly to pupils’ real-life questions and observations, building their confidence and preparing them for life beyond school. Whether adapting classes in school or sending hands-on experiences home, LEGO Education’s hybrid lessons offer the flexibility to fit any instructional setup.

Just look for the lessons marked ‘Hybrid’!

Adapt your LEGO® Education lessons

Our resources are designed to make adapting your lessons for hybrid learning easy, while allowing you to maintain the fun and engaging nature of hands-on learning.

For teachers using LEGO Education classroom sets and lessons we offer helpful guides, instructional videos and more that allow for easy transitioning of lessons to a hybrid learning scenario.

Check out our instructional videos to start adapting your lessons today!

Hands-on at home

Hands-on at home

When hands-on learning at school isn’t an option, pupils can bring playful STEAM learning experiences home. And if you can’t give pupils access to classroom sets at home, we’ve developed new Personal Learning Kits as a great supplement!

Make sure you have all the bricks you need by checking out our Element Overviews!

Learn, practise and master hands-on, playful STEAM learning

LEGO® Education Professional Development inspires teachers to learn, practise and master competencies so they can facilitate hands-on, playful STEAM learning with their pupils.

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More Hybrid Learning Resources

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