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Order SPIKE Prime today to build STEAM confidence in years 5-7 classrooms.

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What is so unique about LEGO Education SPIKE Prime?​

(You mean, besides the 11 BRAND NEW, never-seen-before LEGO elements?!)​


Features 11 Brand New LEGO Elements ​

Integrator brick, new wheels, biscuit, large base plates for rapid prototyping, and more! ​

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It’s Intuitive, Adaptive and Scalable​

Easy to get started and use, adaptive to meet your pupils varying abilities, and scalable based on their level and the curriculum requirements. ​

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Ignites STEAM Learning for all Learners ​

Combines colourful LEGO bricks, a programmable smart Hub, coding language based on Scratch, and easy entry lessons to accelerate STEAM learning for all learners. ​

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Builds Confidence in Learning ​

Did you know there’s currently a large gap in pupils’ confidence in STEAM subjects? Build your pupils’ confidence in learning while helping them develop 21st-century skills.

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40 Years of LEGO Education​

This year, LEGO Education celebrates 40 years of engaging pupils in hands-on learning and building their confidence. Find the right solution for your classroom today.