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Teacher Feature: Jess Schofield

Jess Schofield is a beginning teacher at Injune P-10 State School, a small rural school, 600km north-west of Brisbane. In total, there are 75 students at Injune, with 14 in the secondary school.

During her teacher training at the Queensland University of Technology, Jess was a student ambassador working within the university's LEGO programs, running teacher PD sessions and day-long NXT and EV3 activities for visiting middle-years students.

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Teacher Feature: Milorad Cerovac

Milorad Cerovac is a teacher at The King David School in Melbourne. Milorad has been a pioneer of incorporating elements of robotics into the school's curriculum to enhance student engagement and learning.

In 2015, Milorad won FIRST Australia’s Volunteer of the Year Award for his contribution to local and national FIRST robotics competitions.

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Become the brains behind the computer

According to, only 40 per cent of schools teach computer programming. Over the last few years, however, more and more countries have recognised the importance of computing, coding, and the associated skills that help children to develop and prepare for the working world.

How can we improve our knowledge and teach computational thinking in a more inspiring and creative way?

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Coding clicks when building bricks

With 54 per cent of teachers in the UK believing their students know more about ICT and computing than they do, it’s almost inevitable for teachers to feel anxious about teaching a subject like computing; after all, it’s reasonably new for them too, plus it’s a topic that can’t be taught solely with a textbook. So, what can teachers do to bring computing lessons to life and achieve success?

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Top tips for teaching coding

Does coding strike you as a daunting subject to teach in school? All the more if you know some of your students are quite technology-proficient. In fact, coding is simply another language and it gives you the power to communicate with technology, asking it to perform various tasks and functions. Read some top tips for teaching computing in this article.

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Countdown to 15th August – and help hack the moon with LEGO Education

On 15 August 2017, students have the opportunity to use LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 and EV3 to develop code as part of this global challenge.

Last year, 10,207 Australian students participated in this free event – and this year the challenge is on globally to beat this world record.

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FIRST LEGO League and the Australian Curriculum

The FIRST LEGO League competition has been mapped to the Australian Curriculum making it even more relevant for your school.

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Teacher Feature: Shontelle Lewis

Shontelle Lewis (Sharon State School, Bundaberg, QLD) is an advocate for primary school students learning to code and was the winner of the LEGO Education Teacher Award for 2017. She has created and run robotics and coding challenges benefiting not only her own students, but also those of other schools.

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Teacher Feature: Jemma White

Jemma White is a primary school teacher at North Sydney Demonstrations School in New South Wales, Australia. Jemma has created a poster showing the links between the WeDo 2.0 projects and learning outcomes in science and technology.

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LEGO® Education Teacher Award 2017 Announced

Shontelle Lewis (Sharon State School, Bundaberg, QLD) is the winner of the LEGO Education Teacher Award for 2017. Shontelle will travel to the LEGO Education Symposium 2017 in Billund, Denmark, May 2017.

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LEGO® Education STEM Conferences with Chris Rogers

Internationally recognised education expert Chris Rogers returns to Australia in March 2017 to work with teachers interested using LEGO materials to support learning in STEM subjects.

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LEGO® Education Teacher Award 2017

The LEGO Education Teacher Award recognises innovative classroom teachers who have an interesting story to tell. LEGO Education will provide assistance for the recipient to present their work at the LEGO Education Symposium 2017 in Billund, Denmark.

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