Countdown to 15th August – and help hack the moon with LEGO Education

Moonhack is the coding World Record set by kids developed by the team at Code Club Australia. In 2016, students in school classrooms, coding clubs, and in their free time created moon-themed coding projects that they uploaded and shared with other students around the world.

On August 15th this year, students have the opportunity to use LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 and EV3 to develop their own code. This is a great experience to design and explore moon and space themed projects and engage in physical and digital learning. Your students can either follow one of the two suggested projects or create their own.

Last year, 10,207 Australian students participated in this free event. This year, the challenge is on globally to beat this world record.

Find out how to participate and more about Moonhack with LEGO Education here: