Fun and motivational classroom tools for secondary schools

Effective and engaging teaching resources

LEGO® Education gives your secondary school students the classroom tools to learn to think critically and creatively – and have fun at the same time.

LEGO® Education brick sets and robot kits nurture your students’ analytical skills at the same time as stimulating their blossoming creativity.

LEGO® Education teaching resources are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. This is a great help for planning your computing, science, maths, and technologies lessons more efficiently.

Give a warm welcome to the world of technology

LEGO® Education can make learning about technology an exciting, stimulating and rewarding experience. You get teaching resources that allow you to engage more directly with your pupils, making teaching and learning with curriculum-relevant STEM solutions something everyone can look forward to.
  • Curriculum-relevant effective STEM classroom tools.
  • Pupils are enthusiastic and eager to learn.
  • Meet your curriculum targets and make learning easier.

Equip your pupils for a bright future

Show your pupils how hypotheses, equations and planning can lead to real-life solutions, skills and success. Help develop the essential skills your pupils will need in tomorrow’s world. LEGO® Education uses both physical and digital creation to build up teamwork, communication abilities and strong collaboration – making your pupils more independent and self-confident.

  • Explore real life themes and challenges.
  • Develop 21st century learning skills.
  • Build critical thinking and creativity.

Simplify your lesson planning

LEGO® Education helps you plan your classes more efficiently. Because everything is already fully prepared, you can use the lesson plans as they are or as a basis to develop your own ideas. LEGO® Education brick sets and robot kits are easy to get to grips with, making it easy for pupils to take their own journey of exploration and discovery. To help you get the most out of LEGO® Education solutions, there are also teacher training resources with valuable insights about the most effective ways to use the products with your pupils.

  • Fully documented for teachers and students.
  • All curriculum packs include curriculum grids and activities.
  • Get started quickly with useful teacher notes, tips & tricks.
We use LEGO technology as a key part of our STEAM education strategies. The flexibility and power of the platform combined with the ability to quickly and easily prototype and build solutions are an excellent fit with our Project Based Learning pedagogy.

Neil Gray
Engineering Teacher, Sacred Heart College, WA

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