Machines & Mechanisms for Primary School

Machines & Mechanisms enable primary school pupils to discover how the real world works. With Machines & Mechanisms, pupils get an in-depth understanding of mechanical and structural principles built into everyday machines. By building, designing, and testing solutions, pupils work as young scientists and engineers, all while honing design technology, science, and maths skills. We support teachers by providing easy-to-use, age-appropriate, hands-on materials along with guided lessons that tick technology and science curriculum boxes.

Pupils can observe and investigate simple machines. Discover mechanical principles by exploring, investigating, and solving tasks related to mechanical principles as well as learn about energy, balance, buoyancy, and much more.


Machines and Mechanisms for Secondary School

LEGO Education Machines & Mechanisms gives you the tools and activities to teach about real-world technology and engineering problems and solutions. Build and explore machines and mechanisms, investigate motorised machines, capture wind and study gearing mechanisms. This range of tools takes the learning out of the books and places it directly into pupils’ hands. We help you get started quickly with easy-to-use activities, guidance and real-world inspiration that bridges technology and science textbooks.

  • Pupils design and observe the behaviour of their models.
  • They reflect and re-design the model functionality and present their findings.
  • Pupils build the models together, each focusing on their part of the model, strengthening their 21st-century skills in collaboration and communication.

Power Functions Light

8870 | Age: 6+

Add bright LED lights to your models to create glowing eyes, illuminated headlights, and anything else you can imagine and build!


Power Functions Extension Wire 20"

8871 | Age: 6+

Build your Power Functions-equipped models bigger, better and more mechanized and motorized than ever before by adding this 20-inch (50 cm) extension wire!


Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box

8878 | Age: 6+

This rechargeable battery box has built-in Lithium polymer batteries for low weight and maximum power. Use the 8887 10VDC LEGO Transformer to charge the battery! Motor speed can be controlled via the battery box speed control dial! Output voltage is 7.4V!


Power Functions Battery Box

8881 | Age: 6+

Give even more power and movement to your models with an extra battery box to supply power to your Power Functions motors! Each battery box can power 2 XL Motors or 4 M Motors at the same time. Requires 6 AA (1.5V) batteries, not included.


Power Functions M Motor

8883 | Age: 6+

Build an extra medium-strength, medium-sized M-Motor into your LEGO creations and watch things start moving!


Looking for a way to provide home learning activities for children of all ages?

Hands-On Learning

Whether they’re in the classroom or the living room children have big imaginations, innate curiosity, and a desire to explore and take risks. All you need are the resources to tap into them. LEGO Education wants to help. Hands-on learning provides a medium for building ideas and models while practicing important skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.


40 Years of LEGO Education

For more than 40 years, LEGO Education has been developing educational solutions based on a well-established educational theory that children learn best and remember more through hands-on experiences. Our products aren’t toys - instead home use of LEGO Education Learning Resources is intended to be a highly rewarding education experience that supplements locally applicable curriculum needs.


Build Confidence in Learning

LEGO Education offers pre and post-sale support to ensure LEGO Education resources are used as effectively as possible in a learning environment.

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