Managing Today’s Classroom

Engaging pupils with hands-on learning experiences is essential to building their confidence. Try these helpful tips to make hands-on learning with LEGO® Education fun, engaging, and hygienic!

Download Hygiene Guidelines

Clean, Create, Repeat!

Start and finish each lesson using LEGO® elements by asking your pupils to wash their hands and avoid touching their faces throughout the learning or play experience. Make the following hygiene guidelines part of the learning process.

Divide & Conquer!

To support physical distancing, assign 2 pupils per LEGO Education set, and assign roles: 1 builder and 1 coder. Pupils can collaborate and make decisions together without sharing materials.

Sort It Out!

Use the sorting trays in each set to pre-sort the elements your pupils will need for the lesson. This will keep the remaining bricks untouched. Other items can also be used to help sort elements into smaller batches – try cups, tissue boxes, or reusable plastic bags.

Splash Out!

For non-electronic elements, use the LEGO Education storage boxes to give your elements a soapy bath with warm water and mild detergent, then rinse and air-dry. There are holes in the bottom of each box for drainage.

Flying Solo!

If possible, assign one LEGO Education set to each pupil to reduce physical contact. Encourage communication throughout the lesson and be sure to have pupils reflect and share their experiences.