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LEGO® Education BricQ Motion FAQs


What is BricQ Motion?
LEGO® Education BricQ Motion is an engaging introductory hands-on STEAM solution that encourages primary and secondary school pupils to discover physical science in action. It engages pupils in STEAM learning as they experiment with forces, motion and interactions in the context of sports. They'll use special elements like gears, levers, axles and pulleys to build cool creations as they actively engage in learning physical science.
BricQ Motion provides easy, hands-on learning experiences that spark cool ‘aha’ moments as pupils set bricks in motion. With classroom sets and Personal Learning Kits, it's flexible to use in both classroom and remote environments and doesn't require any technology.
To help teachers achieve the best possible learning outcomes, BricQ Motion is accompanied by a comprehensive professional development programme.

What are the LEGO® Education BricQ Motion products?
BricQ Motion offers two classroom sets for primary and secondary education:

  • 45401 LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential Set
  • 45400 LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime Set

What's the target age group?
Curriculum standards vary from country to country, so the target age group will vary based on region.
Generally, BricQ Motion Essential is designed for lower and upper primary school pupils (ages 6+), while BricQ Motion Prime is designed for secondary school pupils (ages 10+).

Classroom Sets

What's the recommended pupil to classroom set ratio?
In a classroom setting, we recommend one set for every two pupils. One BricQ Motion classroom set contains enough building elements and printed building instructions for two pupils to complete all of the lessons presented in the STEAM learning units.

How many elements does each set contain?
The BricQ Motion Essential Set includes 523 LEGO® brick elements. The BricQ Motion Prime Set includes 562 LEGO Technic and brick elements.

Can the BricQ Motion replacement elements pack be purchased separately?
Each BricQ Motion set includes one pack of replacement elements, which contains duplicates of the most commonly lost parts.
Additional replacement elements can be ordered from LEGO.com.


How much learning material is included with the BricQ Motion sets?
The BricQ Motion Essential Set includes one curriculum unit for lower primary school pupils and one for upper primary pupils. The BricQ Motion Prime Set includes one curriculum unit for secondary pupils.

Each curriculum unit includes enough teaching resources and lesson plan content to provide 6-10 hours of classroom instruction.

In which languages are the BricQ Motion curriculum units available?
The BricQ Motion curriculum units are available in 21 languages: English (US), English (UK), English (AU), Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (BR), Spanish, Spanish (MX), Polish, Turkish, Vietnamese and Arabic.

What's the best way to get started with BricQ Motion?
We recommend that you visit LEGOeducation.com/start and follow the BricQ Motion onboarding guide for your BricQ Motion set and age group.

Where can I find BricQ Motion lesson plans and teaching resources?
Visit LEGOeducation.com/lessons to find online lesson plans and teaching resources from LEGO Education. You can search by product, year, subject or keyword to find an engaging lesson that's a perfect fit for your pupils' needs.

What type of assessment tools are included in the BricQ Motion solution?
Each BricQ Motion lesson includes an observational checklist and pupil self-assessment and peer (pupil-to-pupil) feedback tools.

Is professional development available for BricQ Motion?
Yes. BricQ Motion is supported by a comprehensive professional development programme. Please visit LEGOeducation.co.uk/professional-development for more details.

Hybrid Learning

Does BricQ Motion offer hybrid learning opportunities?
Yes. BricQ Motion offers flexible hybrid learning extensions. This makes it easy to extend the BricQ Motion experience to remote environments so pupils can continue their learning outside of the classroom.
The Personal Learning Kits have been designed especially for this purpose. When used in combination with the classroom sets, the Personal Learning Kits reinforce in-class learning outcomes by supporting ongoing exploration outside of the classroom.
Personal Learning Kits available:

  • 2000481 LEGO® Education Personal Learning Kit Essential
  • 2000480 LEGO® Education Personal Learning Kit Prime

What is a Personal Learning Kit?
The Personal Learning Kits are small sets of LEGO elements designed for 1:1 pupil use. They enable teachers to continue delivering STEAM lessons while driving strong learning outcomes in a hybrid learning environment, whether it is in a physically distanced classroom or at home.
The BricQ Motion sets can be combined with the Personal Learning Kits and additional at-home lesson plans to extend and consolidate pupils' in-class learning and deepen their understanding of forces, motion and interactions.

How much hybrid learning material is available for BricQ Motion?
When used in combination with the BricQ Motion Classroom Sets, there are three 45-minute hybrid learning extensions per unit, which pupils can use to continue their learning at home.

What is the recommended pupil to Personal Learning Kit ratio?
One Personal Learning Kit contains enough building elements for one pupil to complete the hybrid learning lessons. For an optimal hybrid learning experience, we recommend one Personal Learning Kit per pupil. The classroom sets are designed for a 1:2 ratio.

As an example, a single classroom with 20 pupils will need 10 classroom sets and 20 Personal Learning Kits. If the classroom sets are being shared among three different classes of 20 pupils each, 10 classroom sets, and 60 Personal Learning Kits will be needed.

How are the Personal Learning Kits used?
The Personal Learning Kits are intended to reinforce pupils' in-class BricQ Motion learning outcomes in alternative settings (e.g. at home). Each pupil should be assigned their own Personal Learning Kit. This will allow them to work individually with a brick set and the hybrid learning lessons. The Personal Learning Kits are an excellent way to support hands-on STEAM learning beyond the classroom.

Where can I find hybrid learning resources for BricQ Motion?
Visit LEGOeducation.com/lessons to find online lesson plans and teaching resources from LEGO® Education. You can search by product, year, subject or keyword. Click on ‘hybrid learning resources’ to find lessons with a hybrid learning extension, including lesson plans and teaching resources for use with the Personal Learning Kit.
For more hybrid learning tips and guides, please visit LEGOeducation.com/managing-todays-classroom.