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Students learning hands-on with LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime.

LEGO® Education strongly believes that students learn best through play—by actively doing, exploring, and experimenting. This approach empowers them to become creative and engaged life-long learners, which is essential for success in their future careers and lives.

Learning-through-Play Studies


Potential of learning through play at school.


It’s time to rethink learning.


Five ways play can improve learning outcomes.

STEAM & 21st Century Learning in the Classroom

Students need rich and meaningful learning experiences to develop and master STEAM and 21st century skills. LEGO® Education learning experiences provide these through integrated pedagogies that emphasize student agency, such as problem-based, project-based, and active learning.

Pedagogy in Action

Watch how Sydney describes and models how to create a safe place for students to explore and make mistakes or not to know the answer.


Check out the course “Encouraging Play and Productive Experimentation” for more classroom examples of our pedagogy.

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