LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App

If you have LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime / LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential, then you need to download and install the SPIKE App or use the web version. The SPIKE App Includes lessons, getting started tutorials, building instructions and a help section.

Please note:

  • The Python API is part of a coming update to the SPIKE App.
    If you are coding in Python, we recommend you stay on the Spike Legacy App until this update is available.

  • SPIKE App 2 projects are not currently compatible with the SPIKE App 3 and vice versa.
    If you have saved user programs that you want to run, please use the Legacy App.

The legacy app can be found here:
SPIKE Legacy App

To see the FAQ for the SPIKE App , please go here: Product Info

For further support and resources, please visit our support portal: Support Portal