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LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0

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Step 1: Unpack and Get Organized

  • Unpack your WeDo 2.0 set.

  • Stick labels onto the wall of the sorting tray and sort all of the LEGO® elements in the appropriate sections. The lid card shows a visual of how we recommend labels and elements are organized.

  • We recommend you number each box and the WeDo 2.0 Hub to help with classroom management.

  • Please remember to insert batteries into the WeDo 2.0 Hub. If you have bought the WeDo 2.0 Add-on Power Pack, please remove the battery house from the WeDo 2.0 Hub and replace it with the Add-on Power Pack.

Step 2: Teacher Preparation

  • Download the WeDo 2.0 Software or app at LEGOeducation.com/downloads

  • Watch the Introduction video on WeDo 2.0 inside your software. Click the play button on the video in the opening screen.

  • Find the Teacher’s Guide in your software - also available online. Click on the menu in the top right corner and select Teacher Guide. See the table of contents to guide you in getting started.

Step 3: Classroom Preparation

  • Complete the Getting Started activities to build and program the Science Rover model “Milo”. Click on the book image to open a new image and then select Milo the Science Rover.

  • Join the conversation and get inspiration from other teachers in the LEGO Education communities on Twitter or Facebook.