Years 7-9 or Key Stage 3

LEGO® Education

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime Set


LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime 45400

For 2 pupils

For 2 pupils

10+ Hours of Learning
Curriculum-aligned experiences ready for class.
Classroom activities & technical support.
564 Elements
Including bricks, gears & springs.
Professional Development
Teacher resources & getting started materials.
Learn & share with other teachers.
Lesson Plans

Curriculum-aligned Science Lessons

This introductory STEAM experience offers curriculum-aligned physical science lessons that include engaging videos and printable worksheets to excite and inspire students. Teacher resources include lesson plans, teacher videos, assessment rubrics, and maths and language arts extensions to support and scaffold teachers.

Students working on a science motion set
Students building a force kit

“I think whether it’s your first year teaching or your 20th year, the lessons are very easy to follow. What I liked most was that even without being a science teacher, I could easily see the connection to the science curriculum.”

6th grade teacher, Naperville, Illinois

Explore our Force and Motion Lessons

Check out these other curriculum-aligned LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime motion and science lessons for inspiration on how to boost STEAM skills in your classroom.

Force and Motion Unit Plans

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime comes with one force and motion unit of curriculum-aligned lessons.

A curriculum unit includes:

  • 7-8 lessons of 45 minutes each (1 open-ended project with two 45-minute sessions)
  • 30+ minutes language arts and math extensions for each lesson
  • 6-10 hours of educational content
Student building a gymnast set
Teachers using motion sets in class
Professional Development

LEGO® Education Professional Development

We believe in supporting the professional growth of teachers through development opportunities that inspire learning and practicing how to bring playful, hands-on experiences into classrooms to impact student outcomes.

LEGO Education Professional Development is delivered by our trusted distribution partners, with proven educational expertise and familiarity with the local curriculum.