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LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Set


LEGO Education SPIKE Essential Set 45345

For 2 pupils

For 2 pupils

100+ Hours of Learning
Curriculum-aligned experiences within the app & ready for class.
Classroom activities & technical support.
449 Elements
Including bricks, motors, sensors & hub.
Professional Development
Teacher resources & getting started materials.
Coding App
LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App for pupils included.
Learn & share with other teachers.
Lesson Plans

Curriculum-aligned STEAM Lessons

LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential STEAM curriculum units for primary education are designed around playful narrative-based problem-solving with relatable themes that can develop young pupils into independent STEAM thinkers.

SPIKE Essential includes 10 units that focus on the national curriculum for both lower and upper primary years. Each unit is comprised of five to eight 45-minute STEAM lessons for primary school classrooms, plus language arts and maths extensions for each lesson. This is 100+ hours of classroom content in total!

During each lesson, pupils brainstorm and develop creative solutions through trial and error while collaborating with their peers.​

Elementary students working on STEAM project

“The lesson was really cool and interactive. My students got to problem-solve, build and use their hands - the kids who can’t read were fine, too - and it incorporates technology, which is very motivating.”

3rd Grade Teacher, Rockaway Borough, New Jersey, USA

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Check out these other curriculum-aligned LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential lessons for inspiration on how to boost STEAM skills in your primary classroom.

Unit Plans

LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential comes with 10 different unit plans, each with a unique learning promise, summarising what your pupils will learn over the course of the unit.

1. Great Adventures: Creating Interactive Stories.
2. Amazing Amusement Park: Engineering a Fun Day Out.
3. Happy Traveler: Programming Your Way Around Town.
4. Crazy Carnival Games: Playing with Energy Transfer and Collision.
5. Quirky Creations: Engineering Cool School Hacks.
6. Science – See It! Hear It! Build It!
7. Science in Nature and Our Daily Life
8. Animals and their Environments
9. Science Connections
10. Science We Cannot See

Essential Combined: Combine SPIKE Essential and LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential to challenge your pupils’ STEAM knowledge and push their creativity to new heights!

Teachers using STEAM kits in classroom
Professional Development

LEGO® Education Professional Development

We believe in supporting the professional growth of teachers through development opportunities that inspire learning and practicing how to bring playful, hands-on experiences into classrooms to impact student outcomes.

LEGO Education Professional Development is delivered by our trusted distribution partners, with proven educational expertise and familiarity with the local curriculum.

Elementary students working on a STEAM lesson

Ready for STEAM Competitions

LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential extends its creative spirit beyond the classroom to robotics clubs, coding programmes, and maker spaces. STEAM programmes are a highly motivating and engaging way for pupils to develop and demonstrate their science and technology skills. These programmes help pupils learn the cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork skills they’ll need to excel in a changing workforce.