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WeDo 2 Introduction

Make primary school science and computing come to life

An easy and effective way to teach STEM and computing at KS 3&4

Use the latest in robotics technology to get your pupils investigating computing and STEM subjects. Plus, you can use it straight out of the box with no prior knowledge of robotics.

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We know, as teachers, that if pupils are engaged, if they are challenged to solve problems independently, if they are encouraged to collaborate, to take risks and if they are having fun, that they will learn more and learn better. LEGO Education products encourage this type of learning from a very young age and all the way through school and beyond.

Stuart Swann
primary teacher & education specialist

Face to face training from a LEGO® certified trainer

To get the most out of your LEGO® Education resources, we can provide face to face training at your school from a professional certified LEGO Education Academy trainer

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A new route to understanding D&T

Use real-world engineering projects to discover technology and engineering by actually seeing how solutions to problems work.

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Preschool Build Me Emotions

Social & emotional development

LEGO® bricks inspire preschoolers to explore their imaginations, creating positive relationships and stimulating their social and emotional development. The bricks become part of inclusive role-playing games that get children working together.

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Free primary and secondary teacher workshops

  • A free 90-minute, hands-on session. 
  • How to engage your pupils and meet National Curriculum objectives. 
  • Run by a friendly, dedicated member of the LEGO® Education team. 
  • Access to exclusive offers including free training, saving up to £400.
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