Bộ công cụ học tập MINDSTORMS® EV3

Real World Vehicles

Learning Promise

In this unit, your students will strengthen their design engineering skills by solving complex the real-world problems of creating robotic real-life vehicles. Students will integrate multiples subject skills as they analyze major global challenges, elaborate qualitative and quantitative criteria and constraints and break large problems down into smaller ones. They will also develop and use a series of test cases to verify that a solution performs according to its design specifications. Students will strengthen their communication skills as they present information, findings, and supporting evidence clearly, concisely, and logically.

Lớp 9-12
STEAM (Khoa học, Công nghệ, Kỹ thuật, Nghệ thuật, Toán học), Lập trình, Khoa học Máy tính, Kỹ thuật, Chế tạo, Rô-bốt, Khoa học

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