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Cooling Fan

Introduces building and coding using the Motor Power Block to make the motor turn at different speeds.

0-30 phút
Sơ cấp
Lớp 1-5

1. Introduction

(3 minutes)


Max and Mia’s story can introduce the topic to your students and set the stage for your classroom discussion.

Read the following story aloud or allow your students a few minutes to read it on their own.

It is a hot day. Max and Mia’s science lab is too warm.
They want to build a fan to cool down the science lab.
Max and Mia need your help!

Words you might need to introduce to your students: science lab

2. Build the model

(5 minutes)

Students should follow the building instructions to build the model of the fan.

Please be aware that the building time can vary depending on the students’ prior knowledge of building with LEGO® bricks.


Please ensure that the Smarthub has fresh batteries or that the Smarthub Rechargeable Battery is charged.

3. Connect the model to your device


To make it easier for the students to connect with the right Smarthub, it is recommended that you name the Smarthubs (e.g., WeDo001,WeDo002) prior to the lesson. This can be done in the connection center.

4. Program the model

(3 minutes)

This program will make the fan turn at a motor power of 2.

  1. Create the program shown by dragging and dropping the relevant program block(s) onto the screen.
  2. Press the default motor power (8) and change it to 2.
  3. Press the yellow Start Block to run the program.

Explain to each other how the fan works.
Once the students have created and run their programs, ask them to think about and explain the program and the function of the fan.

They should be able to answer questions like:

  • How does the program work?
  • What do the different program blocks do?

5. Help Max and Mia further

(optional, 2-3 minutes)

Use this optional extension task to build on students' prior learning as they investigate additional ways of using the Motor Power Block.

Students can make the fan turn at a different speed by changing the number that is shown on the Motor Power Block.

They might also investigate how the fan behaves when adding several Motor Power Blocks, one after the other, with different speed levels.

6. Assessment

Giving timely feedback can help students to further develop their newly-acquired skills. This can be done in several ways, including:

  • Observing each student’s behavior, reaction, and strategies
  • Asking questions about their thought processes

You can use the assessment criteria below as guidance:

  1. The student is unable to create a program or adequately explain how the model works (e.g., the program string and its different program blocks).
  2. The student is able, with prompting, to create a program or adequately explain how the model works.
  3. The student is able to create a program and adequately explain how the model works.
  4. The student is able to create a program and explain the different program blocks and how these influence how the model works.

7. Next Steps


Hỗ trợ giáo viên

Students will:

Build a LEGO model
Connect the model and device
Program the motor to turn at different speeds

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