Years 7-9 or Key Stage 3

LEGO® Education

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set


LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set 45678

For 2 pupils

For 2 pupils

50+ Hours of Learning
Curriculum-aligned experiences within the app & ready for class.
Classroom activities & technical support.
528 Elements
Including bricks, motors, sensors & hub.
Professional Development
Teacher resources & getting started materials.
Coding App
LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App for students included.
Learn & share with other teachers.
Lesson Plans

Curriculum-aligned Lessons

Our LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime STEAM lesson plans are designed to help students develop the abstract and critical thinking skills they need to solve complex problems. The curriculum-aligned STEAM lessons provide a variety of learning experiences that relate directly back to students’ real-life questions and observations, building their confidence and preparing them for life beyond school.

Mini STEAM set for kids

“For those students who have no experience with text-based coding or never thought that this was something that they would be interested in they have really enjoyed coding with Python. To me, that is very powerful to make what can be a difficult concept to learn (text-based coding) accessible for every student. I was quite surprised to see this as not every 8th grader is able to pick up a language fairly easily, but the majority of them are!”

Ryan Riess, LEGO® Education Ambassador and Technology and Engineering Teacher, William Annin Middle School, Basking Ridge, NJ

Our Favourite STEAM Lessons

Check out these other curriculum-aligned LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime STEAM lesson plans for inspiration on how to boost STEAM skills in your classroom.

Unit Plans

LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime comes with 5 different unit plans, each with a unique learning promise, summarising what your students will learn over the course of the unit.

1. Training Trackers: Construct, analyse, and interpret graphical displays of data to describe the relationships between types of energy.
2. Invention Squad: Apply engineering design skills to each step of the design process.
3. Kickstart a Business: Develop effective problem-solving skills by decomposing problems into smaller parts.
4. Life Hacks: Create clearly named variables and lists representing different data types and perform basic maths operations on values.
5. Competition Ready: Learn the basics of building and programming autonomous robots using sensors.
6. Extra Resources: Develop a collection of key skills to use through your STEAM journey.

Teachers learning STEAM tools in classroom
Professional Development

LEGO® Education Professional Development

We believe in supporting the professional growth of teachers through development opportunities that inspire learning and practicing how to bring playful, hands-on experiences into classrooms to impact student outcomes.

LEGO Education Professional Development is delivered by our trusted distribution partners, with proven educational expertise and familiarity with the local curriculum.

Students working on a STEAM lesson

Ready for STEAM Competitions

LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime will empower you and your students to take on the world of STEAM competitions. Robotics competitions like FIRST® LEGO® League and World Robot Olympiad offer fun hands-on challenges that get students excited, build confidence, and develop the kind of skills needed for real world success. The LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Expansion set and Competition Ready Unit will have you equipped and ready to take on any challenge in no time!