LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Firmware Update

Automatic Firmware Update 

Firmware is the software that is inside the EV3 Brick. Without its firmware, the EV3 Brick will not work. Occasionally, the LEGO Group may release new versions of the firmware that add enhanced functions or fix software bugs.

To update the firmware, you need a USB connection from your computer to your EV3 Brick. Your computer must also be connected to the Internet.


1. Turn your EV3 Brick on and connect it to your computer.

2. Select Firmware Update in the Tools menu.

3. Click the Check button to see if new firmware updates are available.

4. Select the most recent firmware version from the Available firmware files.

5. If you want to use a firmware version located on your computer instead, use the Browse button to find and select the correct firmware file.

6. Click the Download button to download the new firmware to your EV3 Brick. The progress bars at the bottom of the Firmware Update dialog box will show you how the firmware update is proceeding. Once complete, your EV3 Brick will restart itself.


Forced Firmware Update  

If you need to update your firmware manually, follow the steps below. (Note: the EV3 Brick still requires a USB connection to your computer)

1. Make sure your EV3 Brick is turned off.

2. Hold down the Back, Centre, and Right buttons on the EV3 Brick.

3. When the screen says “Updating”, release the buttons.

If the manual firmware update does not make your EV3 Brick work the first time, repeat the manual update process.


LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Firmware Update app available from Chrome web store.

This simple app allows you to update the Firmware on your EV3 Brick in just one click. This means all schools using tablets no longer needs to install the full EV3 desktop software only to update the firmware. As long as the teacher has one device with a USB connection, access to Internet and installed Chrome web browser on a desktop, they can use this simple app for updating firmware on all EV3 Bricks. 
The app will automatically detect your current Firmware version and replace it with the latest available release. Internet access and a USB connection between the EV3 Brick and your device are required in order to use this app.