SPIKE™ Essential

Animals and their Environments

This unit introduces your students to Earth and Space Science as well as Life Science through a relatable focus on animals. They’ll begin close to home, designing a structure that will keep a pet safe in stormy weather. Next, they'll explore animal life cycles and group behavior. Then, they will develop a plan to reduce the impact on animals of a change to a wetland environment. Finally, they’ll share a wild animal and habitat of their choice and explain how the animal is adapted to survive in that habitat.

Your students will also practice their social and emotional learning, such as self-regulation, persistence, empathy, self-awareness, and mindfulness with the main characters in the lesson stories.

Before your students begin this unit, we recommend the following to support their building and programming skills and prepare them for the challenges in this unit.

  • Access the LEGO® Education SPIKE [App][1] or install it on classroom devices.

  • Complete the Tutorial Activities (under the Start menu item in the LEGO Education SPIKE App).

  • Try one or more of the lessons in the Happy Traveler unit.

Grade 3
Science: 1. Technology: 1. Engineering: 1. Arts: 1. Math: 1.
STEAM, Science