LEGO® Education Academy

Face-to-Face Course Options

Get the most out of your LEGO Education solutions with face-to-face training programs for Preschool, Elementary and Middle School.

Explore the face-to-face training programs that are relevant to you.


Preschool Courses

By facilitating learning through play, preschool teachers help children build essential life skills, developing creative and inquisitive lifelong learners. Our Face-to-Face courses will support preschool teachers in delivering engaging and effective learning experiences. Read more about our preschool social and emotional course here


Elementary Courses

Elementary solutions enable educators to grow students’ natural curiosity and enthusiasm about the world around them in a hands-on way. Let us show you how to implement our innovative solutions into your classroom. Read more in the Global Training Catalogue 2016-2017.


Middle School Courses

All LEGO Education middle school solutions are tailor-made combinations of hardware and standards-relevant activities applicable for use in classrooms, afterschool programs and competitive events. Our face-to-face training will help you to better activate and engage your students with the range of middle school solutions available. Read more in the Global Training Catalogue 2016-2017.

Benefits of Face-to-Face Training

  • Knowledge sharing: Share your own classroom experiences and gather knowledge from those who are experienced in using hands-on learning.

  • Hands-on approach: Experience LEGO Education resources through hands-on workshops. Practice facilitation, learn how to maximize each lesson and explore creative classroom techniques.

  • Testing and certification: Built-in tests enable you to measure your progress. In return we provide you with certification to show you have acquired the knowledge.

  • Personal help from a certified trainer: Talk directly with the trainer to ask questions that are relevant to you.

  • Focus: Focus on the content and learn in depth with uninterrupted time for training.

  • Customized training: Our face-to-face training programs are matched to the needs and requirements of your school. This is based on a detailed dialogue between the school and the LEGO Education trainer prior to the training.

  • Adaptability: Trainers will adapt the content and pace of the training to the specific needs of the participants in the classroom by observing how each individual responds to the course.