WeDo 2.0 has been retired. Based on customer insights and learnings, we have launched SPIKE Essential.

If you’re an existing WeDo user looking for materials, please visit our WeDo 2.0 resources page.

SPIKE Essential for primary schools is based on learnings and improvements from WeDo 2.0
Taking key learnings from the WeDo 2.0 experience and marrying those with the needs of today’s education system, LEGO Education have introduced a new solution for the primary grades. This new solution, SPIKE Essential, will be part of the LEGO Learning System. With the introduction of SPIKE Essential, we have retired WeDo 2.0

Improved experience with SPIKE Essential in key areas
SPIKE Essential is a comprehensive STEAM solution designed to develop a full range of STEAM skills with stronger coverage all the way from 1st-5th grade. From a classroom management perspective SPIKE Essential has been optimized with color sorting that keeps cleanup time to a minimum. The included rechargeable battery removes handling of separate batteries or the extra purchase of the WeDo rechargeable battery. SPIKE Essential also differs from WeDo by being an integrated solution in the new LEGO Learning System. This gives a seamless learning experience together with other solutions in the learning system and drives deeper learning.

Key differences between SPIKE Essential and WeDo 2.0
WeDo 2.0 had a main target of 2nd-4th grade curriculum standards whereas SPIKE Essential has a broader target of 1st-5th grade curriculum standards. WeDo 2.0 had a key focus on Science curriculum (physical and life science and engineering) whereas SPIKE Essential has a true cross-curricular STEAM approach with purposeful integration of literacy, math and social emotional learning. The physical boxes differentiate SPIKE Essential by including more elements and more intelligent hardware components as well as a rechargeable battery that does not need to be purchased separately like it was for WeDo.

At-A-Glance Comparison

WeDo 2.0 SPIKE Essential
Core target group 2-4th. Grade 1-5th. grade
Curriculum Focus Science (physical science, life science, Engineering) Comprehensive STEAM units with literacy and math extensions
Number of lessons 30 - 40 hours 0 - 100 hours
Hybrid learning No specific hybrid learning activities Yes. hybrid learning activities
Piece count 280 elements 449 elements
Intelligent HW included in set Hub, motor, motion sensor and tilt sensor Hub with Built-In Gyro Sensor incl rechargeable battery, 2xmotors, Light Matrix, Color Sensor
Power AA batteries or additional purchase rechargeable battery Rechargeable battery (incl in set)
Storage Storage bin & sorting tray Storage bin & sorting tray with color sorting
Main engager Milo the science rover Sofie, Leo, Daniel, and Maria - minifigures with individual characteristics that make problem solving relatable


Grades 1-5
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LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Set


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