SPIKE™ Essential

Science We Cannot See

This unit introduces your students to Physical Science and Earth and Space Science. They'll explore evidence that matter is made of particles too small to see. They'll learn about gravitational forces on Earth, investigate how the number of daylight hours varies during the year, and research ways to use science ideas to protect Earth’s environment. Finally, they'll create a model to show that energy in animals’ food was once energy from the sun.

Your students will also practice their social and emotional learning, such as self-regulation, persistence, empathy, self-awareness, and mindfulness with the main characters in the lesson stories.

Before your students begin this unit, we recommend the following to support their building and programming skills and prepare them for the challenges in this unit:

  • Access the LEGO® Education SPIKE App or install it on classroom devices.

  • Complete the Tutorial Activities (under the Start menu item in the LEGO Education SPIKE App).

  • Try one or more of the lessons in the Quirky Creations unit.

Grade 5
Science: 5. Technology: 3. Engineering: 5. Arts: 3. Math: 2.
STEAM, Science