WeDo 2.0 Core Set

Moving Materials

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Design a LEGO prototype of a device that can move certain objects around in a very safe and efficient way.

120+ min.
Grades 1-5

1. Explore phase

(30-60 minutes)

The motorized forklift truck is used to lift and move heavy materials over short distances. It was developed in the early 20th century, but its use became widespread after World War II. Forklifts have become a vital part of warehouse and manufacturing operations.

Let students explore forklift truck designs and other ways to move objects, and make observations about the way these devices lift and move materials.

The focus of this project could be on both the device used to move the objects and on the way the objects are prepared to be moved, such as stacking them on pallets or in containers.

2. Create phase

(45-60 Minutes)

Students design and build a vehicle or a device for lifting, moving, and/or packing a pre-determined set of objects. They should also consider how boxes can be designed to be moved and stored easily.

Let students explore the Design Library so they can choose a model for inspiration. Then allow them to experiment and create their own solutions, modifying any basic model as they see fit.

Suggested Design Library models are:
• Steer
• Grab
• Motion


3. Share phase

(45+ minutes)

Students should present their models, explaining how the vehicle was designed to move objects. They could use research and portfolio documentation to support their explorations and ideas.

Ensure that students explain how boxes can be designed to be moved and stored easily and how the design allows vehicles to do this efficiently.

Teacher Support

Students will:
Explore different ways material is transported and assembled.
Create and program a device that will help you carry and/or assemble differently sized objects, considering safety, efficiency, and storage.
Present and document your device and explain how it is designed to be safe and efficient.



Student Material

Student Worksheet

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