WeDo 2.0 Core Set

Space Exploration

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Design a LEGO prototype of a rover that would be ideal for exploring distant planets.

120+ min.
Grades 1-5

1. Explore phase

(30-60 minutes)

A rover is an automated motor vehicle that propels itself across the surface of a celestial body. A rover may examine territory and interesting features, analyze weather conditions, or even test materials, such as soil and water.

Let students explore rovers and discover their many interesting features and functions. Students should design various functions for their rover prototype.

2. Create phase

(45-60 Minutes)

Students design, build, and test a rover that can achieve one of the following missions when sent to another planet:
• Move in and out of a crater.
• Collect a rock sample.
• Drill a hole in the ground.

Let students explore the Design Library so they can choose a model for inspiration. Then allow them to experiment and create their own solutions, modifying any basic model as they see fit.

Suggested Design Library models are:
• Drive
• Grab
• Sweep


3. Share phase

(45+ minutes)

Students should present their models, explaining how they have designed
and tested their rover to complete a series of planet exploration-based tasks.

Have students compare models and provide feedback to each other on how well the models fit the constraints and meet the criteria of the given problem.

Ensure that students explain why each function is important and how they have allowed for the rover to move over fluctuating terrain to complete the assigned/chosen task.

Teacher Support

Students will:
Explore actual missions of space rovers an imagine future possibilities.
Create and program a space rover to achieve a specific task, such as: move in and out of a crater, collect a rock sample, drill a hole in the ground.
Present and document your prototype and what you could possibly discover by achieving these missions.



Student Material

Student Worksheet

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